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Zacharia Arrowood and Family

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September 28, 1998

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First Generation

1. Zachariah1 Arrowood, son of James Arrowood of Maryland, was born in maybe, Rowan Co, NC circa 1768. See his father's family for more information. Zachariah died before 1840 at age unknown.(1)

He married twice. He married Elisabeth Commins January 29, 1786 in Lincoln Co, NC. Elisabeth was born circa 1768. Elisabeth died after 1810 at age unknown.(2) He married Elizabeth (Arrowood) before 1820. Elizabeth was born circa 1788 in North Carolina. Elizabeth died at age unknown. In the 1840 Census, Elizabeth was listed as a head of household in Burke Co, NC.(3) In the Census of 1850, Elizabeth was listed as a head of household in McDowell Co, NC.(4)

In an affidavit given on May 25, 1833, in support of his brother John's application for a Revolutionary War soldier's pension, Zachariah gave his own age as 65. He recalled that he was old enough before the war ended to be placed on the muster roll. Zacariah remembered seeing his brother march off with Captain Lyons to join General Rutherford's expedition. He said that John later had moved to Lincoln County, where he was reported to have volunteered again, but that he, Zachariah, had not gone to Lincoln County until after the war.

In 1790 in the census Zachariah was listed as residing in Morgan District, Lincoln Co, NC.(5) In the early years of the 1800s, Zachariah Arrowood was granted land in the Spartanburgh District of South Carolina, which lay just across the border from Rutherford and Lincoln Counties in North Carolina. This land, on Buck Creek of the Pacolate River, was near other land owned by a John Arrowood, who may be presumed to have been Zachariah's brother. It appears that all of Zachariah's grant in South Carolina had been sold before 1810.(6)

In the 1810 Census, Zachariah was listed as a head of household in Buncombe Co, NC.(7) Zachariah was over age 45; his wife was 26-44, born after 1765 and before 1785. There was one boy each of age 16-25 and 10-15, and two boys and two girls all under age 10.

Thirty years after the Revolution, the War of 1812 gave Zachariah his chance to fight the British. On April 21, 1814, he was enlisted at Rutherford for a term of five years by a Lt. Alexander into the 10th U.S. Infantry Regiment, commanded by Col. Wellborn. Two enlistment records survive: one gave his age as 40 and his birthplace as Lincoln County, North Carolina; the other said he was 51, born in Frederick County, Maryland. He was described as six feet one half (or one and one half) inches tall, with black hair and eyes and a dark complexion, occupation: farmer.

He was listed on a roster at Wilkesborough on May 31, 1814. The duty roster of Capt. E.J. Leigh's Company reported him present Feb. 16, 1815. A medical roster of Capt. James Reed's Company of U.S. Artillery at Fort Washington on April 30, 1815, had him absent sick at Fredericksburg. Another medical report and invalid report of Capt. H.H. Vallard's Detachment at Fort Washington on July 31, 1815 listed him as "present unfit for service."

His enlistment record mentions a discharge dated Inspector's Office, 4th Military Department, Aug. 26, 1815, and records "Book 563, Lt. Alexander's Co. 10th U.S. Infy, Discharged, Aug. 26, 1815, Rheumatism contracted previous to enlistment." Further, it reports a "Roll dated 1815, Capt. Robt G. Hite's Co. U.S. Arty, Discharged, Sept. 8, 1815, by order Col. Mitchell, -10th U.S. Infy made Arty- Discharged from Capt. E.J. Leigh's Co. 10th Infy at Washington, Sept. 13, 1815. Rheumatism." The enlistment record ends with a note, "See Pension Case." However, Zachariah doesn't appear in the published index of War of 1812 pension applicants.(8)

In the 1820 Census, Zachariah was listed as a head of household in Lincoln Co, NC.(9) He was over 45; his wife was age 26-44, born after 1775 and before 1795. There was a boy 18-26, a boy 16-17, a girl 10-15, and three girls and a boy all under 10. The census record is arranged alphabetically, apparently by militia companies. On separated lines within the same company are Eli, Isaac, and Ben Arrowood.

In the 1830 Census, Zachariah was listed as a head of household in Burke Co, NC.(10) Zachariah was in his 60s, while his wife was in her 40s. In the household there were a girl 15-19, two girls 10-14, a boy and a girl each 5-9, and two boys and a girl all under age 5. The adjacent line of the census listed his son, Zachariah, age 30-39.

Zachariah Arrowood and Elisabeth Commins had the following children:

Zachariah Arrowood and Elizabeth (Arrowood) had the following children:

Notes and References

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(Arrowood), Elizabeth (marriage to Zachariah Arrowood) (i1037), b.1788-


Arrowood, Benjamin W. (i1714), b.1825-
Arrowood, Benson (i1718), b.1834-
Arrowood, David Jackson (i1712), b.1824-
Arrowood, George W. (i1716), b.1829-
Arrowood, John B. (i1598), b.1805-d.1860
Arrowood, Rev. James, of Yancey Co. (i1864), b.1803-d.1880
Arrowood, Zachariah (i538), b.1768-d.1840
Arrowood, Zachariah (i542), b.1795-


Commins, Elisabeth (marriage to Zachariah Arrowood) (i539), b.1768-d.1810

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