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John Arrowood of Yancey Co. NC

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First Generation

1. John1 Arrowood, son of James Arrowood of Wilkes, was born in North Carolina circa 1797. See his father's family for more information. John died July 24, 1864 in Mitchell Co, NC, at age 67.

He married Frances (Fanny) Barrett. Frances was born circa 1802 in North Carolina. Frances died in maybe Maryville, Blount Co, TN, at age unknown. She was listed as a household member of James K. Whitehead's house in the Census of 1870 in Greeneville, Greene Co, TN.(1)

Frances was perhaps the daughter of William Barrett of Buncombe County, North Carolina.

When she applied for her husband's War of 1812 pension on June 14, 1872, she was residing in Maryville, in Blount County, Tennessee.

Toward the end of the War of 1812, John enlisted at Jonesboro, in Washington County, Tennessee, as a substitute for Jesse Arrowood, who had been drafted. He travelled 100 miles to Knoxville, where on Sept. 20, 1814, he was mustered into service as a Private in Capt. Abner Pearce's Company of the 3rd Tennessee Militia. The following spring, he was discharged at Fort Williams, in central Alabama, on April 10, 1815. After selling his final pay voucher to a man in Western Tennessee, he returned to Jonesboro.

In the 1840 Census, John was listed as a head of household in Yancey Co, NC.(2) In the Census of 1850, John was listed as a head of household in Yancey Co, NC.(3) In the Census of 1860, John was listed as a head of household in Yancey Co, NC.(4)

John Arrowood and Frances (Fanny) Barrett had the following children:

Notes and References

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Arrowood, Barbary (i769), b.1837-
Arrowood, Frances (Fanny) (i770), b.1840-d.1935
Arrowood, George Washington (i771), b.1842-d.1919
Arrowood, John (i762), b.1797-d.1864
Arrowood, John B. (i764), b.1828-
Arrowood, McHenry (i765), b.1828-
Arrowood, Nancy (i767), b.1833-d.1911
Arrowood, Pinckney (i773), b.1848-
Arrowood, Samuel (i768), b.1836-
Arrowood, Sarah (i766), b.1831-
Arrowood, Thomas (i604), b.1823-d.1900
Arrowood, Wesley (i772), b.1845-d.1865
Arrowood, William B. (i2068), b.1820-d.1865


Barrett, Frances (Fanny) (marriage to John Arrowood) (i763), b.1802-

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