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Arrowoods of Maryland

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Arrowood, Arwood

First Generation

1. Immigrant1 Arrowood to Maryland was born after 1699/0. Immigrant died date unknown at age unknown.

See the Arrowood Home Page for more information about this family.

The earliest mention of the family name in America that has been discovered was around 1658, when a William Arwood was among seventy seven people imported to Charles City County, Virginia, by a planter.(1) The researcher who published abstracts of the court records listed him as "Wm Arwood [sic]," probably indicating that she suspected a misspelling of the name "Harwood."

The next Arwood came to King and Queen County, Virginia, around 1701, when Isaac Arwood was among four persons transported to a plantation in Pamunkey Neck, on the east side of Pampatike Sw(2) "Pamunkey Neck" is the name of the region between the Pamunkey and Mattaponi Rivers, which merge to form the York River. Later in 1701, this area became King William County. It lies about thirty miles east of modern Richmond.

The name Isaac Arwood has not been discovered again in the next ninety years; then, around 1790, two Isaac Arrowoods were born in North Carolina.

Twenty eight years after Isaac arrived, another English Arwood emigrant was recorded. In October, 1729, one Mary Arwood was sentenced by a court in Middlesex County, England, to be transported to the colonies.(3) In the same month, Mary boarded the ship "Forward", bound for Virginia; she died during the voyage. As the year is not too late, it must be considered that a baby or child might have survived her, although none was mentioned in the record.

Immigrant Arrowood to Maryland had the following children:

Second Generation

3. Father2 Arrowood of Maryland (Immigrant1) was born BEF 1720. Father died BEF 1778 at age unknown.

In the middle of the 1700s, records begin to appear that mention two men, James and John Arrowood, who, from the proliferation of their names among their descendants, and by geographic proximity, may reasonably be presumed to have been brothers. As each seems to have given the name "James" to his first son, perhaps that was the name of their father.

Father Arrowood of Maryland had the following children:

Third Generation

4. James3 Arrowood of Maryland (Father2, Immigrant1)(6) was born in Maryland BEF 1740. James died date unknown at age unknown.

Sometime between 1732 and 1763, James Arrowood served for thirty days in Capt. Thomas Morris's Company of Maryland Militia. The most likely period would be early in the French and Indian War, or when he came of age during that war. Many of the names of the officers and soldiers on the roster of the militia appear in the land records of Frederick County, some as early as 1749. It appears that the company was organized from residents of Frederick County. James's service may have gained him a grant of land in the county, which he sold in the late 1760s, within five years after the end of the war.

Frederick Co. Circuit Court Records (LDS Film 13,938), Liber H, page 212, Nov. 18, 1762, records a deed from James Arrowood to Daniel Zacharias. On Aug. 31, 1765, James Irwood of Frederick County, signing with X his mark, deeded to John Baumgardner Jr. of Pipe Creek hundred in Frederick County, yeoman, for twenty two pounds and ten shillings, a fifty acre parcel of land called James' Choice lying in Pipe Creek hundred. The deed was witnessed by Wm Blair and Jas White. The indexer of deeds referred to this deed under both Irwood and Arwood.

No further mention of James Arrowood has been found in Maryland. On September 22, 1768, a petition for tax relief, signed with that name and twenty nine other residents of Orange and Rowan Counties in North Carolina, was sent to the Assembly of that colony.

In 1778, James Arrowood's name was mentioned as the original claimant of land claims entered by two others in Rowan County. On November 28 of that year, he entered his own claim of fifty acres in Rowan County on waters of Dutchmans and Pealor's Creeks; the border was a line between John Roberts and "his" father and his own lines. This land included John Roberts' improvements. Dutchmans Creek runs north west off of the north fork of the Yadkin River toward the north west corner of modern Rowan County, where it crosses into modern Surry County.

James Arrowood of Maryland had the following children:

5. John3 Arrowood of Maryland (Father2, Immigrant1)(7) was born in maybe, Maryland before 1745. John died before 1810 at age unknown.(8)

He was listed as a resident in the census report 1778 in Town Hundred, Talbot Co, MD.(9) He was listed as a resident in the census report 1790 in Queen Anne's Co, MD.(10) His name first is known from a tax list of 1768 in Rowan County, North Carolina, when he was called John Arowod. The next appearance is as John Arewood on a census of Talbot County, Maryland, in 1778. In that same year, a John Arrowood Junior was named on a tax list in Rowan County, implying that an older man of that name was known to the recording clerk, but not necessarily indicating his immediate presence in the area.

The 1790 census found a John Arwood in Queen Anne County, Maryland (adjacent to Talbot County). Enumerated were three males over age 16 and five females. No boys under 16 were present.

It is not certain, though it seems likely, that the man in Talbot County in 1778 is the same as the man in adjacent Queen Anne County in 1790.

No other Ar--wood is known in Maryland after the Revolution. The two instances, and the spelling "Arewood" in 1778, argue against him being a dropped-"H" Harwood.

In the 1800 census, he was in Rowan County. He and his wife were both over age 45; there was a young man 16-25 (presumed to be Loyd) and a boy and girl, each 10-15. On the same page is his son John, age 26-45, with a wife 16-25 and children under 10. His son James was in Rutherford County with seven children, including two boys 10-15.

The information from that record supports the supposition that in 1790, John was in Talbot County, Maryland, with his two sons James and John. His wife and daughter, John's wife, and James's wife and possible daughter could have been the five females recorded there. Only the absence of John's son, age 10-15 in 1800, is unexplained. Perhaps he was born in 1790 after the census - he has not been identified.

Catastrophe, perhaps disease or accident, struck the family sometime before 1810. The aforementioned unidentified son, and John, his wife, and John Junior all disappeared from the records, and it appears that John Junior's widow and children were residing with Loyd in 1820.

John Arrowood of Maryland had the following children:

Notes and References

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The deed recorded on pages 131-2 of Liber K of the Circuit Court Records of Frederick Co. (LDS Film 13,490) describes the property sold to John Baumgardner on Aug. 31, 1765, as

Rowan County Register (Jo White Linn, ed. & pub., Nov.1990), Vol.5 No.4, p.1150, "Legislative Petition" of 1768.

Dr. A. B. Pruitt, Abstracts of Land Entrys - Rowan County, NC - 1778 (Author, 1987), ISBN #0-944992-03-X, p.85:
"Number 1048. claim set up by James Arrowood. Jul. 16, 1778 Benjamin McCulloch esq enters 640 ac in Rowan Co in forks of Yadkin R; includes improvement made by James Jones, James Arrowood, James Forster."

Ibid., p.130: "Number 1745. made to James Arrwood. Nov. 10, (write over) 1778 Obadiah Hammon enters 150 ac in Rowan Co on head "drafts" of William Giles mill Cr."

Ibid., p.141: "Number 1776. Nov. 28, 1778 James Arrwood enters 50 ac in Rowan Co on waters of Dutchmans and Pealor's Creeks; border: line between John Roberts and "his" father & his own lines; includes John Roberts' improvement."
7. 1790 census Queen Anne Co. MD:
John Arwood 3 m 16+, 0 m 15-, 5 f

1800 census Rowan Co. NC P.430:
Arrowood John Senr 01101 - 01001 - 00
8. Not in North Carolina census.
9. Bettie Stirling Carothers, 1778 Census of Maryland, Long Beach CA Public Library, 929.3752 C293sc, Extract, Hall of Records, Annapolis, MD , (hereafter cited as Carothers, 1778 Census of Maryland).
10. 3 FWM 16+, 0 FWM 15-, 5 FWF


(surname unknown)

(surname unknown), Richard (marriage to Johannah Arrowood) (i4013)


Arrowood, Ann (i1526), b.1770-d.1840
Arrowood, Benjamin (i563), b.1765-
Arrowood, Father, of Maryland (i464), b.1720-d.1778
Arrowood, Henry (i2348), b.1775-d.1810
Arrowood, Immigrant, to Maryland (i928), b.1700-
Arrowood, Isaac (i2104), b.1791-d.1870
Arrowood, James William (i554), b.1765-d.1851
Arrowood, James, of Maryland (i232), b.1740-
Arrowood, James, of Wilkes (i667), b.1755-
Arrowood, Johannah (i2305), b.1720-
Arrowood, John (i2304), b.1774-d.1810
Arrowood, John, of Burke Co. (i126), b.1763-d.1850
Arrowood, John, of Maryland (i231), b.1745-d.1810
Arrowood, Loyd (i564), b.1792-d.1850
Arrowood, Nathaniel (i116), b.1764-d.1790
Arrowood, Zachariah (i538), b.1768-d.1840

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