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John B. Arrowood and Descendants

Ralph Dean Clark
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March 15, 1998

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Arrowood, Arwood

First Generation

1. John B.1 Arrowood, son of John Arrowood and Frances (Fanny) Barrett, was born in North Carolina circa 1828. See his father's family for more information.

He married Rebecca Street May 21, 1851 in Yancey Co, NC.(1) Rebecca was born circa 1836 in North Carolina. (Additional notes for Rebecca Street(2)) Rebecca died at age unknown.

In the Census of 1860, John was listed as a head of household in Yancey Co, NC.(3) In the Census of 1870, John was listed as a head of household in Mitchell Co, NC.(4) In the 1880 Census, John was listed as a head of household 1880 in Mitchell Co, NC.(5)

John B. Arrowood and Rebecca Street had the following children:

Second Generation

10. Emanuel Ballard2 Arwood (John B.1 Arrowood) was born in Mitchell Co, NC July 1871. Emanuel died 1951 at age 79.

He married Mary Elizabeth Griffey circa 1893. (Additional notes for Mary Elizabeth Griffey(7))

In the 1900 Census, Emanuel was listed as a head of household 16 June 1900 in Sevier Co, TN.(8)

Emanuel Ballard Arwood and Mary Elizabeth Griffey had the following children:

Third Generation

18. Robert Wesley3 Arwood Sr. (Emanuel Ballard2, John B.1 Arrowood) was born 1907. Robert died 1987 at age 80.

Robert Wesley Arwood Sr. had the following child:

Notes and References

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Arrowood, Charles (i3559), b.1875-
Arrowood, Clingman (i2138), b.1865-
Arrowood, Cordelia (i2137), b.1860-
Arrowood, Elias (i2134), b.1863-
Arrowood, John B. (i764), b.1828-
Arrowood, Moses (i2136), b.1864-
Arrowood, Nancy (i2133), b.1853-
Arrowood, Posey C. (i2139), b.1869-
Arrowood, Sirena (i2135), b.1856-
Arrowood, William Pinckney (i2132), b.1854-


Arwood, Emanuel Ballard (i3558), b.1871-d.1951
Arwood, Herbert R. (i3563), b.1900-
Arwood, James W. (i3565), b.1902-d.1987
Arwood, John Huey (i3562), b.1897-
Arwood, Lily Mae (i5517) (still alive)
Arwood, Lusinda (i5511), b.1896-d.1896
Arwood, Martha M. (i3561), b.1894-
Arwood, Robert Wesley, Jr. (i3568), b.1935-
Arwood, Robert Wesley, Sr. (i3567), b.1907-d.1987
Arwood, Tom (i3566), b.1904-


Bellamy, John (marriage to Martha M. Arwood) (i5510)


Coombs, Edith (marriage to Tom Arwood) (i5515)


Griffey, Mary Elizabeth (marriage to Emanuel Ballard Arwood) (i3560)


Laws, Juanita (marriage to Herbert R. Arwood) (i5513), b.1899-


Street, Rebecca (marriage to John B. Arrowood) (i2131), b.1836-


Widener, Josephine (marriage to James W. Arwood) (i5514)


Winstead, Lillie (Birdie) (marriage to John Huey Arwood) (i5512), b.1897-

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