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George W. Arrowood of Iowa

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First Generation

1. George Washington1 Arrowood,(1) son of John Arrowood and Frances (Fanny) Barrett, (#771) was born in North Carolina January 31, 1842. See his father's family for more information. George died 11 July 1919 at 77 years of age. George was buried at Altoona Cemetery in Altoona, Polk Co, IA.(2)

He married Rebecca J. Shanks April 17, 1866. (Rebecca J. Shanks is #2327.) Rebecca was born 14 June 1848 in Tennessee. Rebecca died 8 June 1914 at 65 years of age. Rebecca was buried at Altoona Cemetery in Altoona, Polk Co, IA.(3)

23 June 1880 George was listed in the 1880 Census as a head of household farming in Polk Co, Iowa.(4) 13 June 1900 George was listed in the 1900 Census as a head of household farming in Polk Co, Iowa.(5)

"History of Polk County, Iowa" (Union Historical Company, Birdsall, Williams & Co., c.1880), contains this biography:

"Arrowood, G.W. - Farmer, section 19, P.O. Altoona. Was born in North Carolina, January 31, 1842, and was raised and lived there until Feb., 1863, when he conscripted into the Confederate army and was assigned to the First Tennessee heavy artillery. He served until July 4, 1863, when, at the fall of Vicksburg, he was captured with many others and greeted Grant with loud cheers as he rode into the city. He would not take a parole but remained and came north, enlisting in August, 1862, in company F, Sixth Indiana cavalry, and served to the close of the war. He was discharged in September, 1865, after which he returned to North Carolina and remained until 1866, when he removed to Tennessee, and from there to Missouri the same year. He remained two years and in 1869 came to this State (Iowa). He has made farming his occupation through life. Was married April 17, 1866, to Miss Rebecca J. Shanks, a native of Tennessee. They have four children living: Fannie E., Hattie, William W. and Rosa B."

George Washington Arrowood and Rebecca J. Shanks had the following children:

Notes and References

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Arrowood, Arthur J. (i2354), b.1880-d.1915
Arrowood, Fannie E. (i2328), b.1871-
Arrowood, George Washington (i771), b.1842-d.1919
Arrowood, Grace (i2356), b.1882-
Arrowood, Hattie (i2331), b.1873-
Arrowood, Rosa Belle (i2330), b.1877-
Arrowood, Verna (i2357), b.1890-
Arrowood, William W. (i2329), b.1875-


Barton, Frank (marriage to Verna Arrowood) (i8457), b.1890-


Davis, Charley M. (marriage to Rosa Belle Arrowood) (i8455), b.1873-


Hicks, Charles E. (marriage to Fannie E. Arrowood) (i8454), b.1867-


Shanks, Rebecca J. (marriage to George Washington Arrowood) (i2327), b.1848-d.1914


Webster, Allie (marriage to Arthur J. Arrowood) (i8456), b.1885-

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