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Josh D. Arrowood and Descendants

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Arrowood, Barrett

First Generation

1. Josh D.1 Arrowood, son of James Arrowood and Winnie Davis, was born in North Carolina circa 1823. See his father's family for his ancestry. Josh died date unknown at age unknown.

He married twice. He married Almira (Arrowood) date unknown. Almira was born circa 1819 in North Carolina. Almira died date unknown at age unknown. He married Sarah Davis November 6, 1870 in Whitley Co, KY.(1) Sarah was born circa 1849 in "Missing Place" no. 1192. Sarah died date unknown at age unknown.

In the Census of 1850, Josh was listed as a head of household in Blount Co, TN.(2) He was listed as a neighbor of Powell Arrowood in the Census of 1850 in Blount Co, TN.(3) In the Census of 1860, Josh was listed as a head of household in Rabun Co, GA.(4)

Josh D. Arrowood and Almira (Arrowood) had the following children:

Second Generation

7. Missouria E.2 Arrowood (Josh D.1)(5) was born in probably, Rabun Co, GA circa 1855. See her father's family for her ancestry. Missouria died date unknown at age unknown.

She married Thomas Barrett September 17, 1876 in Laurel Co, KY. Thomas was born circa 1853 in Clay Co, or Breathitt Co, Kentucky. Thomas(6) was the son of John Barrett and Malinda Arrowood. Thomas died date unknown at age unknown.

Missouria E. Arrowood and Thomas Barrett had the following children:

Third Generation

10. Alonzo B.3 Barrett (Missouria E.2 Arrowood, Josh D.1) was born in Adair/Laurel Co, KY April 1893. Alonzo died date unknown at age unknown.

He married Pearl B. (Barrett) date unknown. Pearl was born circa 1894 in Kentucky. Pearl died date unknown at age unknown.

Alonzo B. Barrett and Pearl B. (Barrett) had the following children:

Notes and References

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5. Although not explicitly documented, this Missouri Arrowood may be presumed to be the daughter of J.D. Arrowood who was in Whitley Co next to Laurel Co
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Barret, Thomas Sept 1851-48 m.22 b.KY f,m.b.NC Farmer NNY OFF 161; Missouri E. wife May 1861-39 m.22 10/4 b.GA f,m.b.NC YNY; James F/T son Nov 1880-19 YYY, Lucinda dau July 1889-10 NNY, Alonzo B. son Apr 1893-7, Julia A. dau Aug 1894-5, all ch. b.KY fb.KY mb.GA; Barret Jackson nephew Apr 1860 39 s. b.KY f,m.b.KY. Next to Wiley Barrett.

5/3/1910 census Adair Co. KY, ED.4 S.12 L.9, Little Cake Pct 10, Mag Dist 2 - White Oak (pt of):
Barrett Thomas 60 m1 _ b.KY f,m.b.KY Farmer, General Farm, OA NN OFF 188; Julia dau 15 s. b.KY f,m.b.KY YYN.



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(Barrett), Pearl B. (marriage to Alonzo B. Barrett) (i4029), b.1894-


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Arrowood, Josh D. (i1968), b.1823-
Arrowood, Liowd? (i1975), b.1851-
Arrowood, Lorn? (i1972), b.1853-
Arrowood, Missouria E. (i2349), b.1855-
Arrowood, Rachel L. (i1974), b.1850-
Arrowood, Sarah A. (i1971), b.1844-


Barrett, Alonzo B. (i3098), b.1893-
Barrett, Ernie L. (i4079), b.1918-
Barrett, Estill T. (i4030), b.1914-
Barrett, James C. (i4031), b.1915-
Barrett, James F_or_T. (i3096), b.1880-
Barrett, Julia A. (i3099), b.1894-
Barrett, Lucinda (i3097), b.1889-
Barrett, Thomas (marriage to Missouria E. Arrowood) (i230), b.1853-


Davis, Sarah (marriage to Josh D. Arrowood) (i3069), b.1849-

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