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James Paterson Arrowood and Family

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November 30, 1997

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(arrowood), Arrowood, Mccoy

First Generation

1. Rachel1 (Arrowood) was born in North Carolina, circa 1813.

She married twice. She married Husband of Rachel Arrowood before 1835. Husband died before 1840 in probably, Yancey Co, NC, at age unknown. She married John McCoy circa 1847 in probably, Yancey Co, NC. John was born circa 1830 in North Carolina. In the Census of 1850, John was listed as a head of household in Yancey Co, NC.

In his book, "Grandpa Fought on Three Sides," Virgil Arrowood speculates that the woman, Rachel McCoy, with whom young James and Elizabeth Arrowood resided in 1850, may have been their mother, remarried. She would have been, at the time of the 1840 census, a widow in her 20s, with a boy under age 5 and a girl either age 0-4 or 5-9.

There is only one such family group to be found in the 1840 census of North Carolina in any Arrowood household. Such a woman with boy and girl resided in the household of the elderly James William Arrowood and his wife, both in their 60s. It figures, then, that Rachel's husband may have been a son of James William Arrowood.

Rachel (Arrowood) and Husband of Rachel Arrowood had the following children:

Rachel (Arrowood) and John McCoy had the following child:

Second Generation

3. James Paterson2 Arrowood (Rachel1 (Arrowood)) was born in North Carolina, circa 1837. James died date unknown at age unknown.

He married Emily Jamerson 1858. Emily was born circa 1840 in North Carolina. Emily was the daughter of John J. Jamerson and Elizabeth Sullivan. Emily died date unknown at age unknown. Emily applied for a marriage license to wed James Paterson Arrowood August 20, 1858 in Madison Co, NC.

He was listed as a household member of John McCoy's house in the Census of 1850 in Yancey Co, NC. James applied for a marriage license to wed Emily Jamerson August 20, 1858 in Madison Co, NC. In the Census of 1870, James was listed as a head of household in Madison Co, NC.(1)

His life and descendants have been recorded in "Grandpa Fought on Three Sides," by his grandson, Virgil Arrowood of Arkansas.

James Paterson Arrowood and Emily Jamerson had the following children:

Third Generation

7. James Wesley3 Arrowood (James Paterson2, Rachel1 (Arrowood)) was born in Madison Co, NC, October 16, 1868. James died November 5, 1940 in Manistique, MI, at age 72.

He married Signe Norwood July 21, 1897 in Manistique, MI. Signe was born circa 1882 in Sweden. Signe died December 15, 1969 in Gladstone, MI, at age 87.

James Wesley Arrowood and Signe Norwood had the following child:

Notes and References

1. James Arrowood, 1870 US Census, Madison Co. NC (Twp No. 4, Ivy P.O.), P.401A L.21, Arrowood James 32 Farmer RE$150 PE$150 col.19; Emily 30 Keeping house col.17; Elizabeth 9, John 4, James 2; all b.NC (hereafter cited as 1870 census, P.401A L.21, Madison Co. NC).



(Arrowood), Rachel (i3455), b.1813-


Arrowood, Alice Margaret (i3391), b.1879-d.1905
Arrowood, Charles McBurney (i3390), b.1876-d.1936
Arrowood, Elizabeth (i3386), b.1861-d.1914
Arrowood, Elizabeth A. L. J. (i4954), b.1835-
Arrowood, Emily Demaris (i3388), b.1870-d.1905
Arrowood, Husband of Rachel (marriage to Rachel (Arrowood)) (i3454), d.1840
Arrowood, James Paterson (i717), b.1837-
Arrowood, James Wesley (i719), b.1868-d.1940
Arrowood, John William Sherman (i3387), b.1866-d.1922
Arrowood, Joseph N. (i3389), b.1872-d.1930
Arrowood, Virgil Norberg (i721) (still alive)


Jamerson, Emily (marriage to James Paterson Arrowood) (i718), b.1840-


McCoy, George W. (i3457), b.1848-
McCoy, John (marriage to Rachel (Arrowood)) (i3456), b.1830-


Norwood, Signe (marriage to James Wesley Arrowood) (i720), b.1882-d.1969

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