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James Arrowood of Illinois

Ralph Dean Clark
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April 26, 1998

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First Generation

1. James1 Arrowood of Illinois was born in Tennessee circa 1811. James died at age unknown.

He married Rebecca (Arrowood). Rebecca was born circa 1818 in Tennessee. Rebecca died at age unknown.

In the 1840 Census, James was listed as a head of household in Schuyler Co, IL.(1) In the Census of 1850, James was listed as a head of household in Schuyler Co, IL.(2) He was employed as a cooper, and had real estate worth $800.

James Arrowood of Illinois and Rebecca (Arrowood) had the following children:

Notes and References

1. James Arrowood, 1840 US Census, Schuyler Co. IL (Precinct No 4), P.112 L.13, Series T-5, Roll 22, National Archives, Washington, DC (hereafter cited as 1840 census, P.112 L.13, Schuyler Co. IL). James Arrowood 00001 - 10001 Tot=3 Ag=1.
2. James Arrowood, 1850 US Census, Schuyler Co. IL (Woodstock Twp. 1N 2W), P.393B L.8, James Arrowood 39 b.TN Cooper RE$800; Rebecca 32 b.TN col.12; Matilda J. 12, Rachael 9, John 7, all 3 col.11, Isham 5, Nathan 2, all ch. b.IL (hereafter cited as 1850 census, P.393B L.8, Schuyler Co. IL).
3. Ishar T. Arrowood, 1870 US Census, Benton Co. AR (Sugar Creek Twp, Bentonville), P.363A L.22, Arrowood, Ishar T. 25 b.IL Farmer RE$400 PE$200 col.19; Emma 20 b.AL Housekeeping (hereafter cited as 1870 census, P.363A L.22, Benton Co. AR).



(Arrowood), Emma (marriage to Isham Arrowood) (i2031), b.1850-
(Arrowood), Rebecca (marriage to James Arrowood of Illinois) (i2025), b.1818-


Arrowood, Isham (i2030), b.1845-
Arrowood, James, of Illinois (i2024), b.1811-
Arrowood, John (i2026), b.1843-
Arrowood, Matilda J. (i2027), b.1838-
Arrowood, Nathan (i2028), b.1848-
Arrowood, Rachael (i2029), b.1841-

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