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Pvt. John Arrowood and Descendants

Ralph Dean Clark
P.O. Box 641188
Los Angeles, CA 90064-1188
Ultimate Family Tree, ver 2.2
MARCUM Project Version 516
December 12, 1997

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Arrowood, Arwood, Ferguson, Nanney

First Generation

1. Pvt. John1 Arrowood, son of John Arrowood of Burke Co., was born in Rowan Co, NC, before 27 April 1794. See his father's family for more information.

He married Susannah (Arrowood) date unknown.

On April 27, 1814, in Wilkesborough, North Carolina, this 20 year old farmer, born in Rowan County NC, was enlisted by a Lieutenant Kelly for a term of five years as a private in the 10th Regiment of the U.S. Army Infantry. He was described as 5 feet 9 1/2 inches tall, hazel eyes, brown hair, with a dark complexion. His name appeared on the duty roster of Captain George Strother's Company on February 16, 1815. He was present on the rosters of Captain H. H. Villarde's Company at Fort Washington on July 31, 1815. The last note on his record says, "Absent -deserted, April 28, 1815," but this date is earlier than the prior date, so the resolution of his military career is unclear; however, no discharge is mentioned.(1)

It appears that he married, and lost his wife at a young age. In 1820, in his father's household, are a male 16-25 and two boys under 10. In 1830, John was listed as being in his 30s, with one boy 10-14. By 1840 he had remarried again, but had no new children.

He has not been identified in the 1850 census.

In the 1830 Census, John was listed as a head of household in Burke Co, NC.(2) In the 1840 Census, John was listed as a head of household in Burke Co, NC.(3)

Pvt. John Arrowood and Susannah (Arrowood) had the following child:

Second Generation

2. John W.2 Arrowood (Pvt. John1) was born in North Carolina, circa 1817. John died date unknown at age unknown.

He married Nancy Ellington date unknown. Nancy was born circa 1817 in North Carolina. Nancy(4) was the daughter of John Ellington and Nancy (Ellington). Nancy died date unknown at age unknown. She was listed as a household member of Thomas King's house in the Census of 1870 in Mecklenburg Co, NC.(5)

In the Census of 1850, John was listed as a head of household in McDowell Co, NC.(6) In the Census of 1860, John was listed as a head of household in Mecklenburg Co, NC.(7) He was listed as John W. (Jack) Ferguson's grandfather in the 1900 Census in Rutherford Co, NC.(8)

John W. Arrowood and Nancy Ellington had the following children:

Third Generation

3. Emily Ann3 Arrowood (John W.2, Pvt. John1) was born in probably, Burke Co, NC, circa 1836. Emily died date unknown at age unknown.

She married Richard Ferguson March 23, 1853 in Mecklenburg Co, NC.(11) Richard was born circa 1832 in Burke Co, or Rutherford Co, NC. In the Census of 1860, Richard was listed as a head of household in Gaston Co, NC.(12) In the Census of 1870, Richard was listed as a head of household in Gaston Co, NC.(13)

Emily Ann Arrowood and Richard Ferguson had the following children:

Fourth Generation

6. John W. (Jack)4 Ferguson (Emily Ann3 Arrowood, John W.2, Pvt. John1) was born in North Carolina, circa 1855.

He married Amanda Bigman date unknown. Amanda was born Dec 1853.

In the 1900 Census, John was listed as a head of household 2 June 1900 in Rutherford Co, NC.(16)

John W. (Jack) Ferguson and Amanda Bigman had the following children:

11. Laura U.4 Ferguson (Emily Ann3 Arrowood, John W.2, Pvt. John1) was born in Gaston Co, NC, 15 Aug 1867.(17)

She married Albert Randal Nanney 9 Sep 1883 in Rutherford Co, NC.(18) Albert was born 24 Jun 1860.

Laura U. Ferguson and Albert Randal Nanney had the following children:

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(Arrowood), Susannah (marriage to Pvt. John Arrowood) (i2396)


Arrowood, Eliza (i1897), b.1840-
Arrowood, Emily Ann (i1893), b.1836-
Arrowood, John W. (i1890), b.1817-
Arrowood, Pvt. John (i665), b.1794-


Arwood, Martha E. (i1895), b.1837-


Bigman, Amanda (marriage to John W. (Jack) Ferguson) (i2407), b.1853-


Butler, Lula (marriage to Samuel David Ferguson) (i2418)


Ellington, Nancy (marriage to John W. Arrowood) (i1891), b.1817-


Ferguson, Charly L. (i2410), b.1888-
Ferguson, Cora (i2408), b.1879-
Ferguson, Floided (i2409), b.1885-
Ferguson, James J. (i2391), b.1858-
Ferguson, John N. (i2411), b.1889-
Ferguson, John W. (Jack) (i2390), b.1855-
Ferguson, Laura U. (i2395), b.1867-
Ferguson, Nancy (i2392), b.1860-
Ferguson, Odethel (i2413), b.1900-
Ferguson, Rebecca (i2394), b.1864-
Ferguson, Richard (marriage to Emily Ann Arrowood) (i1892), b.1832-
Ferguson, Richard E. (i2412), b.1898-
Ferguson, Richard Jefferson Osborne Franklin (i2393), b.1862-
Ferguson, Samuel David (i2416), b.1870-
Ferguson, Victoria Matha (i2415), b.1870-


Laye, Robert (marriage to Victoria Matha Ferguson) (i2417)


McQuay, Seborn (marriage to Martha E. Arwood) (i1894), b.1835-


Nanney, Albert Randal (marriage to Laura U. Ferguson) (i2399), b.1860-
Nanney, David Jesse (i2400), b.1903-
Nanney, Ellen (marriage to Richard Jefferson Osborne Franklin Ferguson) (i2406)
Nanney, Harvey Albert (i2401), b.1890-
Nanney, J. Roy (i2402), b.1901-
Nanney, Minnie Lou (i2403), b.1889-
Nanney, Richard Asbury (i2404), b.1893-
Nanney, Sarah (marriage to James J. Ferguson) (i2414)
Nanney, Thomas Edward (i2405), b.1897-


Pettus, Mr. (marriage to Eliza Arrowood) (i1896), b.1840-

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