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James Arrowood b.1794 and Family

Ralph Dean Clark
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April 10, 1998

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First Generation

1. James1 Arrowood, son of James Arrowood of Wilkes, was born in Rutherford Co, NC 18th day of May 1794. See his father's family for more information. James died 22 Jan 1845 in Yancey Co, NC, at age 50. His body was interred in Pensacola, Yancey Co, NC.(1)

He married Elizabeth Britton before 1816. Elizabeth was born June 8, 1794 in Rutherford Co, NC. Elizabeth was the daughter of Benjamin Britton and Comfort Dunnagan. Elizabeth died Oct. 16, 1835 at age 41. Her body was interred one mile east of Burnsville in Yancey Co, NC.(2) It appears that some of her descendants may have attributed to her the maiden name of her husband's stepmother, Elisa Crowder, wife of James Arrowood of Wilkes Co. NC.

In the 1820 Census, James was listed as a head of household in Burke Co, NC.(3) He and his wife were both listed as age 16-25, and they had a young son and daughter.

In the 1830 Census, James was listed as a head of household in Buncombe Co, NC.(4) He and his wife were in their thirties, two sons were over 10, one under 5, and one daughter was listed in each of the first three age ranges.

In the 1840 Census, James was listed as a head of household in Yancey Co, NC.(5) He was listed as age 50-59, without a wife. There were four sons between 5 and 20 and two daughters under 15.

James's estate was probated at the spring term of court in 1845 in Yancey Co, NC.(6)

His son John called him "James Arrowood the indian fiter."

James Arrowood and Elizabeth Britton had the following children:

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Arrowood, Andrew Jackson (i4549), b.1835-d.1865
Arrowood, Bartley C. (i2122), b.1830-d.1900
Arrowood, Benjamin Briton (i4553), b.1831-
Arrowood, Clemuel (i1634), b.1816-
Arrowood, Elisa Lunsford (i4551), b.1818-d.1892
Arrowood, Garrett Deweese (i2156), b.1825-d.1906
Arrowood, James (i1794), b.1794-d.1845
Arrowood, John Jackson (i1884), b.1821-d.1900
Arrowood, Nancy Elizabeth (i4550), b.1823-
Arrowood, Rachel Austin (i4552), b.1824-
Arrowood, William (i2172), b.1833-


Britton, Elizabeth (marriage to James Arrowood) (i4547), b.1794-d.1835

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