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Early Arrowoods in South Carolina

by Ralph Clark

The key to my organization of the various Arrowood branches into a single family was the realization that it was John Arrowood, the Revolutionary War soldier, and his son who were residents in South Carolina in the early census. I have written this essay in order to collect the available information about the subject in one place.

By way of introduction to the following references, it may be mentioned that, until after the Civil War, counties in South Carolina were not called "counties," but were known by the equivalent term, "districts." The earliest Arrowood whose residence in South Carolina has been recorded was John Arrowood, the Revolutionary War soldier. The 1790 census found John in Lincoln County, North Carolina.(1) In the mid 1790s, he was called "of Spartanburg" when he sold some land in North Carolina.(2) In 1800, another man's deed mentioned land that bordered John Arrowood's land on one side and the North Carolina state border on another side.(3) The 1800 census listed John as a resident of the Spartanburg District.(4)

By 1801, John had been joined in Spartanburg District by his brother, Zachariah Arrowood, who witnessed a deed there September 23, 1801.(5) Evidently Zachariah received a grant of land in Spartanburg March 10, 1803, for on November 2, 1803, he sold 100 acres of it.(6) June 17, 1806, he sold 240 acres on Buck Creek, that was said to be part of a 436 acre grant, to Thomas Liles of Rutherford County, North Carolina.(7) By 1810, Zachariah had returned to North Carolina, settling in Buncombe County.(8)

The 1810 census found John Arrowood in Burke County, North Carolina,(9). James Arrowood, presumed to be the son of John, was in Spartanburg, the only member of the family in South Carolina.(10) For this reason, the author has assigned as James's children those Arrowoods born in the early 1800s who, in later census records, said they were born in South Carolina. By 1820, James had rejoined his father in Burke County, North Carolina.(11)

No Arrowood nor similar name has been found in the 1820 census of South Carolina. In 1830, John Easwood was recorded in Spartanburg County,(12) and Thomas Earwood was in York County.(13)

In 1840, Thomas Earwood remained in York County,(14) where he was joined by Riley Arrowood.(15) Benjamin Earwood was recorded in Union County.(16) 1850 found Benjamin Arrowood in Union County,(17) and Riley remained in York County.(18) Their descendants are found in subsequent years in the South Carolina census.

Notes and References

1. 1790 census Lincoln Co. NC, P.114, Morgan District:
Arrowwood Jno 1 2 2

2. The author has misplaced the reference to the Rutherford County deed.

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4. 1800 census Spartanburg District SC, P.176:
John Arowood 11110 - 10010 - 00. John is too young here to be John of Maryland.

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Zachariah Arriwood 21101 20010 00

9. 1810 census Burke Co. NC, P.330:
John Arrwood 11101 - 00101 - 00

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James Arrowood 10010 - 20100 - 00

11. 1820 census Burke Co. NC, P.19:
James Arriwood 310010 - 21100 - 05

12. 1830 census Spartanburg Co. SC, P.317 L.5:
John Easwood 202001 - 112001 - 200000 - 011000 Total=14

13. 1830 census York Co. SC, P.382 L.23:
Thomas Earwood 35001001 - 10213001 Total=18

14. 1840 census York Co. SC, P.274 L.22:
Thos Earwood 00130001 - 00000001 Total=6 Ag=4.

15. 1840 census York Co. SC, P.274 L.22:
Riley Arrowood 110001 - 211001

16. 1840 census Union Co. SC, P.214 L.25:
Benjamin Earwood 100001 - 0300001, 1 slave f 24-36, Tot=8 Ag=2

17. 8/30/1850 census Union Co. SC, P.26B L.41 / P.27A L.1:
Benjamin Arrowood 43 b.NC Planter RE$600; Mary 27 b.SC; Hannah J. 19 b.NC; Elizabeth 16, Sarah 15, William 13, Mary 8, Franklin 6, Ann 4, McSwain 2, Isabella 10/12, all b.SC.

18. 11/9/1850 census York Co. SC, P.232B L.3, York District:
Kily Arrwood 47 b.NC; Roselena 48 b.NC; Dulcenea 18f, Joseph P. 16, Margaret E. 14, Ester J. 12f, James L. 8, Thomas W. 5, all b.York Dist. SC.