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What I've done

I'm a descendant of James Arrowood of Macon Co. NC. While trying to connect him to his ancestors and descendants, I've accumulated a database of over 1,400 Arrowood individuals, mostly before the year 1900.

Recently I've started this web site. I'm using my Ultimate Family Tree genealogy program to produce reports from my database in HTML format, and putting those reports up here to share. And I do mean share - I maintain no proprietary interest in this data. If you like, when you download a page and find something interesting, feel free to save it on your computer to browse through at your leisure. If you want, put it up on your own web site!

I'm quite serious about that. If this information is my genealogical legacy, and if it's only here, it's written on sand. I say, the more beaches, the better!

What's here

So then, what's here? Well, to start, there's my essay discussing Early Arrowoods, giving background information about the family before 1800.

The Arrowood family seems to have sprung from two early patriarchs from Maryland named James and John. I've made an effort to assign all of the early Arrowoods to one or the other of the two. I believe all of my choices can be reasonably argued, and that my selections are internally consistent. That is to say, it could be this way, and there is no evidence to contradict my choices. Ralph's theory of relativity. Like Einstein's, unproven when first published.

I've prepared a detailed report, with text and footnotes, on four generations of descent from the earliest Arrowood in Maryland to the children of the two Marylanders who settled in North Carolina. This page will introduce some of the heads of later branches.

I've put up descendant reports for those lines and several more. Each page has it's own name index. If you know which main line you're in, finding your ancestor in these pages should be easy. Additionally, I've prepared a combined index for all of the reports - every name, with birth and death dates, is linked to its place in a descent report.

Here are the reports on the several heads of families

As mentioned before, there's a four generation report on Arrowoods of Maryland.

Reports on the descendants of John Arrowood of Maryland include these lines headed by his sons:

Reports on the descendants of James Arrowood of Maryland include these lines headed by his sons and daughter:

Some other later heads of family have not been linked yet to James or John Arrowood of Maryland:

And there's another report of the rest of the unconnected Arrowoods known to me. Most of them were first seen in the 1850 census - many have been traced for several decades. I'm not sure browsing through the report would be very interesting, but now they're all in the combined index.

There's also a bare bones names and dates only 8 generation descent chart. It's for your convenience if you want an overall view without text. It's not linked to any other reports.

Harwoods and Other -ar-woods

In addition, to help clear up ambiguities from variations in spelling, I've put up some information about the Harwood family of Buncombe County, NC, in a report on descendants of John Harwood.

I've embarked on a project to collect all of the records of any surnames of the form -ar-wood found in the early Carolina records. One family, which eventually settled in Illinois, seems to have consistently spelled its name as Harrawood. Their origin isn't clear, but another family named Garrowood was in Rowan and Davie Counties. Another real family name is Earwood, though sometimes confused with Yearwood.

The author thinks the name of Erwood was purely a substitute for people who usually used one of the other names.

Another family of Yancey County, NC, married into the Arrowood family. I've accumulated enough information about them to put up a descent from the earliest Alanson Elkins of Yancey County, NC. There's also a report on the family of Jethro Ward of McDowell County, NC.

The combined index

I've prepared a combined index by copying the indexes from the end of each report into a single page. I've substituted the surname "ARWD" for the Arrowood and Arwood names in the reports to allow a single alphabetical list of given names. Once you find a name in the index, the link will pop you right to him in his page.

Click here to jump into the surname index of non-Arrowood names.

Arrowood Genealogy Mailing List

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Attention Correspondents: Using Record Numbers

It's been proposed on our mailing list that it would be nice to have some permanent numbers to identify our relatives. Sure, when you're discussing your own main line, you probably know whom you're talking about. But it would be handy to be able to say, "Hey, I think John 1234's father should be James 2345 instead of James 3456," or "Grandma says Mary (Arwood) 789 is Mary Smith," and be sure people know whom you mean.

I promise not to change the numbers in my database here. You can see my record numbers in the combined index, or in the 8 generation descent chart, or in any of the other reports by placing your cursor on any of the links to or from the person and looking at wherever on your screen your browser displays the link it would jump to.

And just who is Mary (Arwood) 789? You can look in Arrowoods in record number order and see names and birth and death dates, and the record number for the subject's father.


Visit the gallery and see some photographs and descriptions of early Arrowoods.

Visit the library and see some transcriptions of original source documents about early Arrowoods.

See some facts, traditions, and rumors about Cherokee Arrowoods.

There's a discussion of Early Arrowoods in South Carolina.

There's a list of Tennessee Arrowoods in the Civil War.

A North Carolina Arwood was the last soldier killed in the last battle of the Civil War.

If you find something interesting here, please let me know the name and page, and I'll send you email whenever I change anything in that line. And I'll be happy to receive reports of any errors you may find.

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