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Thomas Alexander of Lanarkshire

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December 27, 2005

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First Generation

1. ThomasA Alexander of Lanark (#10536) birth date unknown.

Thomas Alexander of Lanark had the following children:

Second Generation

2. Brother1 Alexander of Lanark (ThomasA) (#10540) birth date unknown.

Brother Alexander of Lanark had the following children:

3. John1 Alexander (ThomasA) (#10537) was born in Scotland in 1693.

He married Margaret Glasson in 1721.(1) (Margaret Glasson is #10538.) Margaret was born in Scotland. Margaret was the daughter of Ronald Glasson.

He emigrated from County Armagh, Ireland in 1736.(2) John Alexander and his wife an unknown person came to West Nottingham, Chester Co, PA on the conveyance unknown in 1736.(3)

John Alexander and Margaret Glasson had the following children:

Third Generation

7. John2 Alexander (John1, ThomasA) (#10547) birth date unknown. John died in 1806 in Green Twp, Franklin Co, PA.(5)

He married Mary (Alexander). (Mary (Alexander) is #10575.) In John Alexander's will written December 12, 1805 in Greene Twp, Franklin Co, PA, Mary was named as his wife.(6)

John made a will December 12, 1805 in Greene Twp, Franklin Co, PA.(7)

John Alexander and Mary (Alexander) had the following children:

10. Hugh2 Alexander (John1, ThomasA) (#10545) was born around 1724. Hugh died about March 1777 in Philadelphia, Philadelphia Co, PA, at approximately 52 years of age.

He married twice. He married Margaret Edmiston. (Margaret Edmiston is #10550.) Margaret was born about 1733. Margaret was the daughter of David Edmiston and Margaret Donnel. He married Lettice (Thompson) (Alexander) about 1773. (Lettice (Thompson) (Alexander) is #10558.)

Hugh Alexander and Margaret Edmiston had the following children:

Hugh Alexander and Lettice (Thompson) (Alexander) had the following children:

11. James2 Alexander (John1, ThomasA) (#10546) was born about 1726. James died in 1791 at 65 years of age. James was buried at Brick Presbyterian Church in West Kishacoquillas, PA.(19)

He married Rose Reed. (Rose Reed is #10562.) Rose was the daughter of Robert Reed. Rose died in 1792.(20)

James Alexander and Rose Reed had the following children:

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(Alexander), Lettice (Thompson) (marriage to Hugh Alexander) (i10558)
(Alexander), Mary (marriage to John Alexander) (i10575)


Alexander, Brother, of Lanark (i10540)
Alexander, David (i10556)
Alexander, Elizabeth (i10566), b.1768-
Alexander, Emily (i10561), b.1777-
Alexander, Hugh (i10541)
Alexander, Hugh (i10545), b.1724-d.1777
Alexander, Hugh (i10557)
Alexander, Hugh (i10569), b.1773-
Alexander, James (i10542)
Alexander, James (i10546), b.1726-d.1791
Alexander, James (i10559)
Alexander, James (i10568), b.1772-
Alexander, Jane (i10564), b.1763-
Alexander, Jane (i10578)
Alexander, John (i10537), b.1693-
Alexander, John (i10547), d.1806
Alexander, John (i10554)
Alexander, John (i10567), b.1769-
Alexander, John (i10584)
Alexander, Joseph (i10570), b.1776-
Alexander, Margaret (i10549)
Alexander, Margaret (i10583)
Alexander, Margart (i10553)
Alexander, Martha (i10582)
Alexander, Mary (i10555)
Alexander, Mary (i10580)
Alexander, Nancy (i10576), b.1772-d.1851
Alexander, Niece (i10543)
Alexander, Rachel (i10548)
Alexander, Rachel (i10571), b.1780-
Alexander, Reed (i10574)
Alexander, Robert (i10565), b.1766-
Alexander, Rosanna (i10573), b.1784-
Alexander, Thomas, of Lanark (i10536)
Alexander, William (i10560), b.1777-
Alexander, William Brown (i10572), b.1782-


Chambers, Robert (marriage to Nancy Alexander) (i10577), b.1772-d.1830


Crawford, Mr. (marriage to Jane Alexander) (i10579)


Edmiston, Margaret (marriage to Hugh Alexander) (i10550), b.1733-


Glasson, Margaret (marriage to John Alexander) (i10538)


McCamish, Mr. (marriage to Mary Alexander) (i10581)


Polk, Mr. (marriage to Niece Alexander) (i10544)


Reed, Rose (marriage to James Alexander) (i10562), d.1792

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