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Allinghams of Surrey

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May 5, 2000

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Alingam, Alingame, Alingham, Allingam, Allingame, Allingham, Alyngam

First Generation

1. Collector1 Allingham of Surrey, son of Collector Allingham of England, (#5456) birth date unknown.

Collector Allingham of Surrey had the following children:

Second Generation

2. Nicholas2 Alingam of Merstham (Collector1 Allingham) (#5519) was born probably before 1524.

He married twice. He married Isabell (Alingam). (Isabell (Alingam) is #5520.) Isabell was born probably before 1527. Isabell died about 1549. He married Elizabeth (Alingam). (Elizabeth (Alingam) is #5523.) Elizabeth was born probably before 1533.

Nicholas Alingam of Merstham and Isabell (Alingam) had the following children:

Nicholas Alingam of Merstham and Elizabeth (Alingam) had the following children:

3. Richard2 Alingham of Nutfield (Collector1 Allingham) (#5539) was born probably before 1546.

He married Elizabeth Wells 19 Jan 1568 in Nutfield, Surrey, England.(6) (Elizabeth Wells is #5540.) Elizabeth was born probably before 1551.

Richard Alingham of Nutfield had the following child:

Richard Alingham of Nutfield and Elizabeth Wells had the following child:

4. Nicholas2 Alingam of Albury (Collector1 Allingham) (#5531) was born probably before 1548.

Nicholas Alingam of Albury had the following child:

7. William2 Allingham of Nutfield (Collector1) (#5576) was born probably before 1557.

William Allingham of Nutfield had the following children:

10. John2 Allingham of Horley (Collector1) (#5543) was born probably before 1575.

He married Martha Braye 8 June 1595 in Horley, Surrey, England.(13) (Martha Braye is #5544.) Martha was born probably before 1578.

John Allingham of Horley and Martha Braye had the following children:

11. Joseph2 Allingham of Horley (Collector1) (#5551) was born probably before 1579.

Joseph Allingham of Horley had the following children:

12. Allen2 Allingham of Fetcham (Collector1) (#6106) was born around 1730.

He married Ann White 15 April 1755 in Fetcham, Surrey, England.(19) (Ann White is #6107.) Ann was born 30 Aug 1730 in Chiddingfold, Surrey, England.(20) Ann(21) was the daughter of William White and Sussana (White).

Allen Allingham of Fetcham and Ann White had the following children:

13. Henry2 Allingham of Burstow (Collector1) (#5555) was born in maybe, Burstow, Surrey about 1736.(35)

He married Priscilla (Allingham).(36) (Priscilla (Allingham) is #5557.) Priscilla was born about 1740 in maybe, Burstow, Surrey.

Henry Allingham of Burstow and Priscilla (Allingham) had the following children:

Third Generation

14. John3 Alyngam (Nicholas2 Alingam, Collector1 Allingham) (#5528) was born probably before 1544.

John Alyngam had the following children:

15. Robert3 Alingam (Nicholas2, Collector1 Allingham) (#5521) was born before 4 Feb 1548 (chr date).

He married Katherine Lews 19 Oct 1578 in Merstham, Surrey, England.(42) (Katherine Lews is #5522.) Katherine was born probably before 1561.

He was christened 4 Feb 1548 in Merstham, Surrey, England. IGI Batch C014111-0093

Robert Alingam and Katherine Lews had the following children:

30. James3 Allingham (Allen2, Collector1) (#6114) was born in probably, Fetcham, Surrey, England before 2 July 1758 (chr date).

He married Jane Gadd 1 Nov 1785 in Chessington, Surrey, England. (Jane Gadd is #5579.) Jane was born probably before 1765.

He was christened 2 July 1758 in Fetcham, Surrey, England.(46)

James Allingham and Jane Gadd had the following children:

33. Abraham3 Allingham (Allen2, Collector1) (#6110) was born in probably, Fetcham, Surrey, England before 15 Dec 1765 (chr date).

He married Elizabeth (Allingham). (Elizabeth (Allingham) is #5580.) Elizabeth was born probably before 1774.

He was christened 15 Dec 1765 in Fetcham, Surrey, England.(49)

Abraham Allingham and Elizabeth (Allingham) had the following children:

42. Jacob3 Allingham (Henry2, Collector1) (#5561) was born before 16 Feb 1775 (chr date).

He married Jane Willett 26 Oct 1801 in St. Bartholomews, Burstow, Surrey, England.(57) (Jane Willett is #5562.) Jane was born about 1779 in maybe, Burstow, Surrey.

He was christened 16 Feb 1775 in St. Bartholomews, Burstow, Surrey, England.(58)

Jacob Allingham and Jane Willett had the following children:

Fourth Generation

63. Jacob4 Allingham (Jacob3, Henry2, Collector1) (#5564) was born before 4 July 1813 (chr date).

He married Ann (Allingham). (Ann (Allingham) is #5360.) Ann was born circa 1812 in Burstow, Surrey, England.(72)

He was christened 4 July 1813 in Burstow, Surrey, England.(73) Jacob was listed in the 1851 census as employed as an agricultural labourer and head of a household at Burstow Park Lodge in Burstow, Surrey, England.(74)

Jacob Allingham and Ann (Allingham) had the following children:

Fifth Generation

69. Jacob5 Allingham (Jacob4, Jacob3, Henry2, Collector1) (#6384) was born in Burstow, Surrey, England circa 1840.

He married Eliza J. (Allingham). (Eliza J. (Allingham) is #8030.) Eliza was born circa 1852 in Brighton, Sussex, England.(75)

Jacob was listed in the 1881 census as employed as a grocer and shoemaker and head of a household at the Grocers Shop on St. Johns in Worth, Sussex, England.(76)

Jacob Allingham and Eliza J. (Allingham) had the following children:

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(Alingam), Elizabeth (marriage to Nicholas Alingam of Merstham) (i5523), b.1533-
(Alingam), Isabell (marriage to Nicholas Alingam of Merstham) (i5520), b.1527-d.1549


(Allingham), Ann (marriage to Jacob Allingham) (i5360), b.1812-
(Allingham), Eliza J. (marriage to Jacob Allingham) (i8030), b.1852-
(Allingham), Elizabeth (marriage to Abraham Allingham) (i5580), b.1774-
(Allingham), Priscilla (marriage to Henry Allingham of Burstow) (i5557), b.1740-


Alingam, George (i5524), b.1550-
Alingam, Isabell (i5530), b.1569-
Alingam, Joane (i5525), b.1554-
Alingam, Johana (i5532), b.1568-
Alingam, Nicholas, of Albury (i5531), b.1548-
Alingam, Nicholas, of Merstham (i5519), b.1524-
Alingam, Robert (i5521), b.1548-
Alingam, Thomas, of Reigate (i5537), b.1572-


Alingame, John, of Reigate (i5535), b.1556-


Alingham, John (i5542), b.1567-
Alingham, Katherine (i5541), b.1573-
Alingham, Richard, of Nutfield (i5539), b.1546-


Allingam, John (i5550), b.1579-
Allingam, Michael (i5549), b.1589-
Allingam, Nicholas (i5548), b.1581-


Allingame, Henry (i5556), b.1601-


Allingham, Abraham (i5559), b.1765-
Allingham, Abraham (i6110), b.1765-
Allingham, Ada (i8036), b.1879-
Allingham, Allen (i5583), b.1804-
Allingham, Allen (i6111), b.1763-
Allingham, Allen, of Fetcham (i6106), b.1730-
Allingham, Amey (i5573), b.1810-
Allingham, Ann (i5563), b.1816-
Allingham, Ann (i6112), b.1762-d.1762
Allingham, Ann (i6123), b.1789-
Allingham, Ann (i6386), b.1846-
Allingham, Catherine (i5584), b.1808-
Allingham, Clement (i8037), b.1880-
Allingham, Collector, of Surrey (i5456)
Allingham, Elen (i6385), b.1842-
Allingham, Elizabeth (i5570), b.1806-
Allingham, Elizabeth (i6113), b.1769-
Allingham, Elma (i8035), b.1877-
Allingham, Hannah (i5569), b.1805-
Allingham, Hannah (i6388), b.1851-
Allingham, Hedley (i8038), b.1881-
Allingham, Henry (i5558), b.1762-
Allingham, Henry (i5578), b.1577-
Allingham, Henry (i5581), b.1798-
Allingham, Henry, of Burstow (i5555), b.1736-
Allingham, Isaac (i5560), b.1773-
Allingham, Jacob (i5561), b.1775-
Allingham, Jacob (i5564), b.1813-
Allingham, Jacob (i6384), b.1840-
Allingham, James (i6114), b.1758-
Allingham, James (i6121), b.1786-
Allingham, James (i8033), b.1873-
Allingham, James or Joseph (i5565), b.1815-
Allingham, Jane (i5571), b.1808-
Allingham, Jane (i5585), b.1801-
Allingham, Jane (i6115), b.1755-
Allingham, Joan (i5545), b.1598-
Allingham, John (i5546), b.1603-
Allingham, John (i5582), b.1793-
Allingham, John, of Horley (i5543), b.1575-
Allingham, Joseph, of Horley (i5551), b.1579-
Allingham, Lilian (i8034), b.1875-
Allingham, Mary (i5567), b.1802-
Allingham, Mary (i6120), b.1768-
Allingham, Nellie (i8032), b.1872-
Allingham, Peter (i5575), b.1822-
Allingham, Peter (i6116), b.1778-
Allingham, Peter (i6387), b.1848-
Allingham, Peter, of Ockham (i5553), b.1565-
Allingham, Philip (i5586), b.1791-
Allingham, Samuel (i6117), b.1756-d.1757
Allingham, Sarah (i5566), b.1819-
Allingham, Sarah (i6118), b.1774-
Allingham, Spencer (i8031), b.1869-
Allingham, Thomas (i5527), b.1556-
Allingham, Thomas (i5574), b.1821-
Allingham, William (i5552), b.1599-
Allingham, William (i5568), b.1803-
Allingham, William (i5577), b.1579-
Allingham, William (i5587), b.1795-
Allingham, William (i6119), b.1772-
Allingham, William, of Nutfield (i5576), b.1557-
Allingham, William, of Reigate (i5533), b.1548-


Alyngam, John (i5528), b.1544-
Alyngam, John (i5529), b.1564-


Braye, Martha (marriage to John Allingham of Horley) (i5544), b.1578-


Codington, Margery (marriage to John Alingame of Reigate) (i5536), b.1559-


Donaldson, James (marriage to Jane Allingham) (i5572), b.1805-


Freland, Katherine (marriage to Peter Allingham of Ockham) (i5554), b.1568-


Gadd, Jane (marriage to James Allingham) (i5579), b.1765-


Lews, Katherine (marriage to Robert Alingam) (i5522), b.1561-


Marden, Joan (marriage to William Allingham of Reigate) (i5534), b.1551-


Medhurst, Ane (marriage to John Allingham) (i5547), b.1615-


Skinnier, Sarah (marriage to Allen Allingham) (i6122)


Stacy, Annes (marriage to Thomas Alingam of Reigate) (i5538), b.1575-


Street, James (marriage to Elizabeth Allingham) (i6124), b.1769-


Wells, Elizabeth (marriage to Richard Alingham of Nutfield) (i5540), b.1551-


White, Ann (marriage to Allen Allingham of Fetcham) (i6107), b.1730-


Willett, Jane (marriage to Jacob Allingham) (i5562), b.1779-

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