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Allinghams of Sussex

Ralph Dean Clark
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April 2, 1999

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First Generation

1. Collector1 Allingham of Sussex, son of Collector Allingham of England, (#5436) birth date unknown.

This is a collector for unconnected Allinghams found in the records of Sussex.

Collector Allingham of Sussex had the following children:

Second Generation

2. Phillip2 Allingham of Rusper (Collector1) (#5437) was born probably before 1548.

Phillip was listed as His mother in the record of Nicholas Allingham'S christening 9 March 1568 in Rusper, Sussex, England.(2)

Phillip Allingham of Rusper had the following child:

3. Robert2 Allingham of Worth (Collector1) (#5439) was born probably before 1564.

He married Marie Canfield 8 Nov 1584 in Worth, Sussex, England.(5) (Marie Canfield is #5440.) Marie was born probably before 1567.

Robert Allingham of Worth and Marie Canfield had the following children:

5. Peter2 Allingham (Collector1) (#5453) was born probably before 1580.

He married Katherin (Allingham). (Katherin (Allingham) is #5454.) Katherin was born probably before 1583.

Peter Allingham and Katherin (Allingham) had the following child:

6. Francis2 Allingham of Heene (Collector1) (#5450) was born probably before 1582.

Francis Allingham of Heene had the following children:

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(Allingham), Katherin (marriage to Peter Allingham) (i5454), b.1583-


Allingham, Agnes (i5441), b.1587-
Allingham, Anne (i5455), b.1600-
Allingham, Collector, of Sussex (i5436)
Allingham, Francis, of Heene (i5450), b.1582-
Allingham, John (i5442), b.1599-
Allingham, John (i5452), b.1603-
Allingham, Margaret (i5443), b.1600-
Allingham, Marie (i5444), b.1585-
Allingham, Nicholas (i5438), b.1568-
Allingham, Peter (i5453), b.1580-
Allingham, Phillip, of Rusper (i5437), b.1548-
Allingham, Richard (i5451), b.1602-
Allingham, Richard, of Worth (i5448), b.1570-
Allingham, Robert, of Worth (i5439), b.1564-
Allingham, Sara (i5445), b.1589-
Allingham, Thomas (i5446), b.1594-


Arnold, Mary (marriage to Richard Allingham of Worth) (i5449), b.1573-


Canfield, Marie (marriage to Robert Allingham of Worth) (i5440), b.1567-


Rowland, John (marriage to Marie Allingham) (i5447), b.1585-

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