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Allinghams of Hampshire

Ralph Dean Clark
P.O. Box 641188
Los Angeles, CA 90064-1188
Ultimate Family Tree, ver 2.7
CLARK Project Version 286
April 2, 1999

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First Generation

1. Collector1 Allingham of Hampshire, son of Collector Allingham of England, (#5516) birth date unknown.

Collector Allingham of Hampshire had the following child:

Notes and References

1. Percival Boyd, London, England, Boyd's Marriage Index, 2nd Series, Vol. 3, 1538-1600 Grooms "A-Cok" (Typed by the Genealogical Society of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, 1958-1959), 942 V25b v.3 2nd Ser., LDS Film 472,121, item 3, p. 16. (hereafter cited as Boyd, 2nd Series, V.3, Boyd's Marriage Index).



Allingham, Collector, of Hampshire (i5516)
Allingham, Walter, of Preston Candover (i5517)


Wigg, Agatha (marriage to Walter Allingham of Preston Candover) (i5518), b.1582-

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