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Allinghams of Ireland, England, and Other Countries

A note to correspondents: Some correspondents have written to me and have identified a particular individual by his position number in the report or his generation number, e.g., 33 i William 4. Unfortunately, such numbers are subject to variation if children are added to earlier generations. Therefore, I have added my database index number to the first mention of every individual in the reports. This appears as, e.g., (#1234) after the name. This number is permanent, and can reliably be used in correspondence. This number also appears in the combined index of reports with each individual. I have made an effort to use the same index numbers that appear in Lewis Ellingham's 1998 book, Ellingham Index in North America.

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My Allingham Line

My gg-grandmother was Margaret Allingham, first wife of Humphrey Gillmor, who lived in Sligo Town, Ireland. They named my great grandfather Robert Allingham Gillmor, so I can make a guess about the name of Margaret's father. Young Robert left Ireland at the age of 14, coming through Canada to Chicago, before trying his hand as a gold miner west of Denver, and finally settling as a farmer near Pueblo, Colorado. I've put up here a report on Humphrey Gillmor and his Descendants.

Allingham Research Reports

While hunting for my unknown great great great grandparents, I collected a lot of information about other Allingham families, beginning with the earliest settler in Ireland and the spread of his descendants throughout the world. I'm in a continuing process of putting the results up here on this web page. I've summarized my research in a report on Allinghams of Ireland. As that report had grown alarmingly large, I've split it at the third generation into Allinghams of Northern Donegal, Allinghams of Ballyshannon, Unconnected Allinghams of Fermanagh, Unconnected Allinghams of Leitrim, and Unconnected Allinghams of Sligo. Please note that if the ancestry of a resident of one of the latter counties is known, that person will be found in one of the Donegal reports - consult the general name index.

We are pleased to have been joined in our research by Mr. Lewis Ellingham, author of Ellingham Index in North America (1998). For the convenience of readers familiar with that book, a cross-index into these pages has been provided for the heads of families in the Ellingham Index.

I've put up a Box Chart of 6 Generations of the Irish descent. It's rather large (145KB). There's an index and a descendant chart with it - click on the link to jump into the box chart. You'll find yourself at the left edge of the generation, and have to horizontal scroll across to get to your individual.

Recently I've begun further research and have started a report on Allinghams of England. This has been broken into separate reports on Allinghams of Hampshire, Kent, Lancashire, Surrey, Sussex.

I have organized those Allinghams who emigrated from England or Ireland to other continents in two different ways. Where the county of origin is known, I have placed the family under that county in the country of origin. Where the nation but not the county of origin is known, or unknown, I have built a separate report of Allinghams in the destination continent or nation. See unconnected Allinghams of Africa, Barbados, Canada, and USA. So far, all of the Australians come from known counties in England and Ireland.

To help find the emigrants who originated in various places, I've prepared a Geographical Index of individuals and families associated with events, linking into the reports described above.

I've prepared a combined every name index of all of the reports by copying the indexes from the end of each report into a single page. There's also a list of surnames that link into the index file. Once you find a name in the index, the link will pop you right to him in his page.

Allingham Family Surname List and Index
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If you find something interesting here, please let me know, and I'll send you email whenever I change anything in that line. And I'll be happy to receive reports of any errors you may find.

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