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A note to correspondents: Some correspondents have written to me and have identified a particular individual by his position number in the report or his generation number, e.g., 33 i William 4. Unfortunately, such numbers are subject to variation if children are added to earlier generations. Therefore, I have added my database index number to the first mention of every individual in the reports. This appears as, e.g., (#1234) after the name. This number is permanent, and can reliably be used in correspondence. This number also appears in the combined index of reports with each individual.

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I'm a descendant of a daughter of James Alexander of Jefferson County, Indiana, for whom I've made a descendant report.

I've discovered the very interesting wills of John Trotter of Scott County, Kentucky, and his widow Agnes Trotter of Jefferson County, Indiana, which name their daughter, Mary Alexander. I haven't yet discovered the name of the wife of my James, who evidently predeceased him. But he named a son John and daughters Mary and Agnes. However, there's also a William Alexander, of similar age, in all of the common Alexander/Trotter localities, and I don't know the names of his family.

This has led me to study the Alexander neighbors of John Trotter in Fayette/Bourbon/Scott Counties in Kentucky, as well as neigboring Madison County, where my Isaac Butner of Jefferson County, Indiana resided before he married Agnes Alexander, daughter of James, at an unknown location. See my report of Some Unconnected Kentucky Alexanders for further information. I've also looked at Some Unconnected Alexanders of Indiana and Some Unconnected Alexanders of Pennsylvania.

In searching for the origin of my James Alexander, I was struck by the similarity of names in an Alexander family of Harpswell, Maine, which evidently disappeared from that place without trace, prior to the appearance of my ancestor in Indiana, and perhaps earlier in Kentucky.

This has led me to study the Alexander and related families who emigrated from the Ulster region of Northern Ireland to New England around the year 1720. James Alexander of Harpswell, Maine may be the same person as my James of Indiana. For further information see Scotch Irish Alexanders in New England.

For background, I've also done some research on early Alexanders of Virginia, Maryland, and North Carolina. I've made a report on the family of John Alexander of Virginia.

See also my report of Some Unconnected Alexanders of Virginia. There is a separate report of Some Alexanders of Augusta Co. VA.

See my North Carolina Place Index for links to reports of several Alexander families of North Carolina.

Many of the early Alexander settlers of North Carolina came from Maryland. See my Maryland Place Index for links to reports of several Alexander families of Maryland.

Each of the descendant reports has its own index. Names from all reports are merged into a combined index of Alexanders and allied lines. It's easiest to enter through the surname list.

To help me keep track of Alexanders who moved from one area to another, I've prepared a place index where individuals at a location are linked to the descendant reports.

If you find something interesting here, please let me know, and I'll send you email whenever I change anything in that line. And I'll be happy to receive reports of any errors you may find.

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